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I am offering individual, couple and psychosexual therapy in a private practice in the center of Heidelberg.

Crisis and commotion belong to life – but they can cause psychological problems. If these seem to chronify psychotherapy can be a good help to overcome them. Please inform yourself if the psychotherapy I am describing here is worth a try.

The foundation of my work is cognitive-behavioral therapy with its strong emphasis on the thinking and doing part of problems. Two important expansions guide my work: schematherapy with the recognition of feelings and your upbringing (for example: your attachment history) for the way you see/experience things in the here-and-now. And systemic therapy with the spotlight on the influence of your family (of origin and actual), of friends and colleagues on your problems – but too on possible help and solutions. Like generally it is important for progress to balance the look on your problems with the look at your strengths, resources and potential development.

Besides these therapeutic methods our therapeutic relationship is of outmost importance and its quality is the best predictor for the success of the therapy. That means: is the ‚chemistry‘ between us good enough? Do you feel safe and validated? Do you feel that we are working into the same direction? Do you feel free to express doubts, uneasiness, anger?

At the start and the end of each session I am giving you a short questionnaire which helps me adjust the sessions to your needs and view. This is a tool which allows us to adapt the therapeutic process to your necessities. After thousands of studies the result is clear: psychotherapy is effective. Adding the use of these questionnaires to the therapy (a procedure which is called ‚Feedback Informed treatment = FIT) boosts the effectiveness further.


Questionnaire at the start of session

Questionnaire at the end of session


Clients can have very divergent needs concerning the duration of their therapy: some want only one session (this format is called ’single session therapy‘), some want a low number of sessions (well-known as ‚Solution focused brief therapy‘), some want a longer (and often intense) commitment to psychotherapy. It is useful to think about this dimension of therapy too and come to a good agreement.

My practice is a private practice – that means that I charge you directly. Clarify with your insurance company if they pay for this – I am a certified ‚Psychologischer Psychotherapeut‘ and registered in the Ärzteregister of the ‚Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Baden-Württemberg‘.

If you have any questions please contact me via eMail!